Elevated Road Adazpur, Jagatpura to Saharanpur Rd, Loni

North Delhi, North West Delhi, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh

Purpose and Objectives of Elevated Road Adazpur to Saharanpur Rd, Loni:

The Elevated Road project from Adazpur to Saharanpur Road in Loni serves a crucial purpose in addressing the growing transportation needs and enhancing connectivity in the region. The primary objectives of this project are multi-faceted, aiming to alleviate traffic congestion, reduce travel time, and improve overall transportation efficiency.

Key Points:

  1. Congestion Alleviation: One of the primary goals is to mitigate traffic congestion in the surrounding areas, especially in densely populated zones and major intersections.
  2. Reduction in Travel Time: The elevated road is designed to streamline traffic flow, resulting in a significant reduction in travel time for commuters. By providing a faster and more efficient route, the project aims to optimize the overall transportation experience.
  3. Enhanced Connectivity: The project focuses on enhancing connectivity between key locations such as Azadpur, Sant Nagar, Jagat Pur Village, and Saharanpur Road. Improved connectivity contributes to better accessibility and convenience for residents and businesses.
  4. Traffic Stress Management: By introducing an elevated road infrastructure, the project aims to manage and alleviate traffic stress on existing road networks, ensuring smoother and safer transportation for commuters.
  5. Reduction in Red Lights: The careful planning of the elevated road takes into consideration the strategic placement of interchanges and underpasses, aiming to minimize red lights at crucial junctions. This initiative is expected to enhance the overall traffic flow and reduce unnecessary delays.

Benefits for Surrounding Areas:

  • Reduction in travel time for residents and businesses.
  • Minimized traffic congestion in areas such as Sant Nagar and Jagat Pur Village.
  • Improved accessibility to key locations along the route.

Quantifiable Impact:

  • Time Savings: Commuters using this route can expect a substantial reduction in travel time, potentially saving up to 72.09% of the current commuting duration.

Public Satisfaction and Traffic Management:

  • Enhanced Public Satisfaction: The project aims to significantly improve the daily commute experience for residents, garnering higher levels of satisfaction with the transportation infrastructure.
  • Effective Traffic Management: The elevated road's design and strategic interchanges are intended to efficiently manage traffic, ensuring a smoother and more predictable flow.

In conclusion, the Elevated Road from Adazpur to Saharanpur Rd, Loni, stands as a comprehensive solution to address traffic challenges, reduce travel time, and enhance overall transportation efficiency, contributing to increased public satisfaction and improved traffic management in the region.

Jagatpura Flyover

  • 1

    Starting From Azadpur, Arihant Marg

    (Latitude and longitude: 28.71698, 77.18176): Commence your journey from Azadpur, specifically the Arihant Marg area.

  • 2

    Crossing Dr KB Hegdewar Marg

     (Latitude and longitude: 28.72898, 77.19834): Navigate through the intersection with Dr KB Hegdewar Marg.

  • 3

    Passing From Sant Nagar

    (Latitude and longitude: 28.7364, 77.20968): Drive through Sant Nagar, ensuring a smooth flow along the route.

  • 4

    Passing From Jagat Pur Village

    (Latitude and longitude: 28.74309, 77.21698): Proceed through Jagat Pur Village, a key point in your journey.

  • 5

    Crossing Yamuna River

     (Latitude and longitude: 28.74544, 77.22879): Cross the Yamuna River, a significant landmark along the route.

  • 6

    Passing From Sabhapur, Sonia Vihar

    (Latitude and longitude: 28.74966, 77.24948): Drive through Sabhapur in Sonia Vihar, contributing to the overall connectivity.

  • 7

    Crossing Baghpat Marg

     (Latitude and longitude: 28.74936, 77.26641): Navigate through the intersection with Baghpat Marg.

  • 8

    Passing From Sadullahbad Village

     (Latitude and longitude: 28.74989, 77.27408): Drive through Sadullahbad Village, enhancing accessibility along the route.

  • 9

    Passing From Vikas Nagar

     (Latitude and longitude: 28.74961, 77.28175): Continue through Vikas Nagar, contributing to the connectivity in the region.

  • 10

    Ending From Saharanpur - Delhi Road

    (Latitude and longitude: 28.7494, 77.28649): Conclude your journey at the endpoint near Saharanpur - Delhi Road. This marks the final destination of the Elevated Road from Adazpur, Jagatpura to Saharanpur - Delhi Road, Loni

Total Interchange Point : 5

1.Start from Interchange On Jaswant Singh Chowk, Jagatpur Village, Latitude and longitude :28.74329, 77.22127

2. Interchange On Crossing Delhi Murthal Expressway, Latitude and longitude :28.74324, 77.22157

3.Interchange On Prithviraj Marg ,Latitude and longitude :28.75011, 77.2439

4.Interchange On Vijay Vihar, Bhagpat Road , Latitude and longitude :28.74936, 77.26641

5.Interchange On Giri Main Market Road -Saharanpur Road, Loni, Ghaziabad, Latitude and longitude :28.74936, 77.2864

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