Domestic violence

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month (DVAM) No, you can’t see the scars and whip marks; you can’t see the burn marks; you can’t envision the humiliation, and you can’t comprehend the agony. Because abusers take great care to conceal their actions, so does the victim. Domestic abuse affects all ages, races, genders, sexual orientations, …

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Prevention is better than cure. There were several water dumps visible as a result of the recent rainfalls. According to research, these mosquitoes may grow in clean water coated with dust or in muddy water that has been stationary for 6 days or longer. Based on the most recent statistics, the number of dengue cases …

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Road floods have been a problem in Mumbai for almost two weeks due to heavy rainfall and landslides. Many residents have relocated to adjacent schools and public buildings to avoid being drenched by rain. The sight of soaked garments, water-filled households, and floating books within homes is heart- wrenching. We established a "Flood Support Fund" …

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Transplant Fund for Organs

Having the ability to save a life is the single most rewarding experience we could ever have. For now, we are working on creating a “Transplant funds” to assist in treating people of all ages suffering from kidney disease. We are ready to make contributions and handle any form of emergency medical assistance that may …

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Donate Books

Help! They can’t afford books! Libraries serve an important role in society as portals to information and culture. The tools and services they provide foster learning, encourage literacy and education, and aid in developing new ideas and views that are critical to a creative and inventive society. With your invaluable support and help, many school …

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Any institution is prone to corruption. Despite the fact that the restrictions are quite stringent these days, the game is not yet over. Corruption occurs at every level of government, beginning with traffic cops and continuing all the way up to teachers, who decide who will become our future physicians and future leaders. The World …

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Adopt one child education expenses

Yes, some scholarships are already being awarded to students who want to pursue and live their dream careers. However, the harsh reality is that not everyone receives scholarships or financial assistance. They must either be rank holders or study specified majors. As a result, many school graduates are so eager to find an apprenticeship that …

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Excess of Alcohol

“Drunkenness is nothing but voluntary madness.” — Seneca Most of the time, when we talk about the benefits of drinking less alcohol, we talk about how it’s good for our physical and mental health. But one benefit people don’t always consider is how much money they save when they say  ”No” to booze. People who …

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Cow Care

“If human society wants to be exalted, the leaders of society must follow the instructions of Bhagavad- gīta and give protection to the cows, the brahmaṇas and brahminical culture.” –Srimad Bhagavatam 8.24.5 Purport Many farms that raise cows for their useful products— milk, meat, fertilizer, and more—mock and humiliate the animals by force-feeding them excessive …

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Birth Rate

When it comes to having children, some countries strictly enforce a limit of one or two children per couple, while others place no such limit. Especially in India, the second most populous country in the world, everyone has a responsibility to help keep the birth rate in control for the sake of our country. Because …

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