Pollution Support for Volunteers

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Raise fund for volunteers who is helping in cleaning & controlling polution

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Do you enjoy going on forest treks? In the hills?

Walking with a set of essentials on your back, maybe with a wood stick in your hand?

If you enjoy trekking, there is no finer adventure.

But have you ever been to any hill stations?

If so, have you ever noticed all the rubbish mounds on the ground while climbing? It is not a collection that can be cleaned in a single session or by a single person.

Surveys say it has become one of India’s most polluted hill stations.

It is not easy to organize clean-up events in hill stations and forests. We require financial resources in addition to human resources. That is why we are requesting your assistance by giving INR 50 to the Hills clean-up campaign.

Let us invest in our motherland, for our mother earth.

Say no to pollution by donating your 50 rupees to us.


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