Nangloi to Uttam Nagar

Purpose and Objectives of Nangloi to Uttam Nagar Road: Paving the Way for Progress

1. Reducing Congestion and Saving Time: One of the primary objectives of the Nangloi to Uttam Nagar road is to alleviate traffic congestion and save valuable time for commuters. By strategically connecting these two bustling areas, the road aims to minimize the reliance on congested routes and provide a more efficient alternative.

  • List of Surrounding Areas where Red Lights can be Saved:
    • Uttam Nagar East
    • Krishna Colony, Hastsal Village
    • Vikas Puri
    • Vikas Nagar, Amritapuri, Sihvram Park, Nilothi
  • List of Roads where Traffic can be Reduced:
    • Nangloi - Najafgarh Road
    • Najafgarh Road at Uttam Nagar East
    • Vikas Puri Road
    • Pankha Road, Janakpuri

2. Time Efficiency and Travel Convenience: The Nangloi to Uttam Nagar road is designed to significantly reduce travel time, providing a faster and more convenient route for daily commuters. By offering an alternative with fewer disruptions and smoother traffic flow, the road contributes to enhanced overall connectivity.

  • Time Saved:
    • The road promises to save up to 98 minutes, presenting a substantial reduction in commute times.

3. Benefits and Advantages: The route brings forth various benefits, making it a crucial addition to the transportation network.

  • Beneficial Aspects:
    • Improved connectivity between Nangloi and Uttam Nagar.
    • Economic growth through enhanced accessibility.
    • Minimized stress for commuters due to a faster route.
    • Opportunities for businesses along the road to thrive.

4. Public Satisfaction: Addressing the needs and preferences of the public is a fundamental goal. The Nangloi to Uttam Nagar road aims to increase public satisfaction by providing a reliable and time-efficient commuting option.

  • Solutions for Public Satisfaction:
    • Reduced travel time enhances daily routines.
    • Improved overall transportation experience.
    • Convenience in accessing key areas of West Delhi.

5. Managing Traffic Stress: Traffic stress is a common concern for urban commuters. This road strives to manage traffic stress effectively by diverting traffic from more congested routes and offering a smoother, faster journey.

  • Strategies for Traffic Stress Management:
    • Enhanced traffic flow through strategic interchanges.
    • Minimization of bottlenecks and disruptions.
    • Improved overall road safety and ease of travel.

In conclusion, the Nangloi to Uttam Nagar road emerges as a comprehensive solution to various transportation challenges, catering to the needs of the public and contributing to the overall development of West Delhi.

Nangloi to Uttam Nagar

  • 1

    Starting from Nangloi - Najafgarh Road

    (Latitude and longitude: 28.66417, 77.05243): Begin your journey at Nangloi - Najafgarh Road, a key starting point for your route.

  • 2

    Passing Between Vikas Nagar - Amritapuri, Sihvram Park, Nilothi

    (Latitude and longitude: 28.65349, 77.0482): Traverse through the area between Vikas Nagar, Amritapuri, Sihvram Park, and Nilothi, contributing to the overall connectivity.

  • 3

    Crossing Sahibi River at Vikas Puri

     (Latitude and longitude: 28.63837, 77.06002): Cross the Sahibi River at Vikas Puri, an important landmark in your journey.

  • 4

    Passing Between Hastsal Village - Vikaspuri

    (Latitude and longitude: 28.63274, 77.06332): Drive through the region between Hastsal Village and Vikaspuri, ensuring connectivity in this locality.

  • 5

    Crossing Uttam Nagar East at Najafgarh Road

    (Latitude and longitude: 28.62576, 77.06731): Navigate across Uttam Nagar East at Najafgarh Road, a significant intersection in your route.

  • 6

    Ending From Pankha Road, Janakpuri

     (Latitude and longitude: 28.62333, 77.06854): Conclude your journey at Pankha Road, Janakpuri, marking the end point of your route.

Total Interchange Point : 5

1.Start from Interchange On Nangloi - Najafgarh Road, Latitude and longitude : 28.66417, 77.05243

2. Interchange On T point  Nala Road ,Uttam Nagar , Latitude and longitude : 28.63853, 77.06

3.Interchange On Krishna Colony, Hastsal Village, Latitude and longitude :28.63477, 77.06218

4.Interchange On Uttam Nagar East ,Latitude and longitude :28.62563, 77.06727

5.Interchange On Pankha Road, Janakpuri , Latitude and longitude :28.62333, 77.06854

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