Pitampura Madipur Linking Road

North West Delhi, West Delhi

Purpose and Objectives of Pitampura Madipur Linking Road:

The Pitampura Madipur Linking Road project is undertaken with the aim of addressing traffic challenges, improving connectivity, and enhancing the overall commuting experience in the designated areas. The road project focuses on several key objectives to create a more efficient and convenient transportation network.

Key Points:

  1. Reduction of Red Lights and Traffic Congestion:
    • The primary goal of the Pitampura Madipur Linking Road is to minimize the number of red lights and alleviate traffic congestion along the route. By optimizing traffic flow and providing a seamless connection between Pitampura and Madipur, the road project aims to reduce waiting times at intersections and enhance overall road efficiency.
  2. Surrounding Areas Benefited:
    • The road project is expected to bring substantial benefits to the surrounding areas, including Pitampura and Madipur. Residential zones, commercial districts, and industrial areas in proximity to the road will experience improved accessibility, reduced traffic congestion, and enhanced connectivity.
  3. Time Savings:
    • Commuters using the Pitampura Madipur Linking Road can anticipate significant time savings in their daily travels. The project aims to provide a more direct and time-efficient route, minimizing travel times and streamlining the commuting experience for residents and businesses in the region.
  4. Enhanced Connectivity:
    • Improving connectivity between Pitampura and Madipur is a key objective of the road project. By establishing a direct and efficient link, the project contributes to better accessibility, fostering improved movement of people and goods between the two areas and beyond.

Quantifiable Impact:

  • Reduction in Travel Time: The Pitampura Madipur Linking Road project is designed to substantially reduce travel times for commuters. By minimizing traffic congestion and optimizing road infrastructure, the project contributes to faster and more efficient journeys.

Benefits for Surrounding Areas:

  • Improved Local Mobility: Residents, businesses, and commuters in Pitampura and Madipur, along with neighboring areas, stand to benefit from enhanced local mobility. The road project improves accessibility, making it easier for people to navigate within the region and access various destinations.

Public Satisfaction and Traffic Stress Management:

  • Enhanced Public Satisfaction: The completion of the Pitampura Madipur Linking Road project is anticipated to enhance public satisfaction by offering a more convenient and time-efficient commuting experience. Reduced traffic congestion and improved connectivity contribute to a positive perception among road users.
  • Effective Traffic Stress Management: The road project plays a crucial role in managing traffic stress by reducing congestion and streamlining traffic flow. Creating a more efficient transportation network helps alleviate stress associated with unpredictable delays and congested road conditions.

In conclusion, the Pitampura Madipur Linking Road project aims to improve traffic conditions, enhance connectivity, and provide a more efficient transportation network for the benefit of residents, businesses, and commuters in Pitampura, Madipur, and surrounding areas. By focusing on reducing travel times, minimizing congestion, and optimizing road infrastructure, the project contributes to the region's development and public satisfaction.

Pitampura Madipur Linking Road

  • 1

    Starting from Guru Harkishan Marg, Pitampura

     (Latitude and longitude: 28.68709, 77.12017): Commence your journey from Guru Harkishan Marg in Pitampura.

  • 2

    Crossing Railway Line at Shakur Basti

     (Near Latitude and longitude: 28.68067, 77.12309): Proceed along the route, crossing the railway line at Shakur Basti.

  • 3

    Ending at Rohtak Road, Madipur

    (Latitude and longitude: 28.67588, 77.12405): Conclude your journey on Rohtak Road in Madipur.

Total Interchange Point : 2

1.Start from Guru Harkishan Marg , Pitampura, Latitude and longitude : 28.68709, 77.12017

2.Interchange On  Rohtak Road ,Madipur , Latitude and longitude :28.67588, 77.12405

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