UER 2 Extension

North West Delhi

Purpose and Objectives of UER 2 Extension:

The UER 2 Extension project is conceived with the aim of enhancing regional connectivity, reducing traffic congestion, and providing a more efficient transportation network. The primary objectives include:

  1. Traffic Decongestion:
    • Mitigate traffic congestion in critical areas along the extended UER 2 route, improving the overall traffic management system.
  2. Reduction of Red Lights:
    • Identify key intersections and areas where the extension can reduce the need for traffic signals, ensuring a smoother and more streamlined traffic flow.
  3. Time Efficiency:
    • Optimize the route to minimize travel time, offering a quicker and more time-efficient corridor for commuters.
    • Reduce delays at intersections and bottlenecks to enhance the overall efficiency of the commute.
  4. Connectivity Enhancement:
    • Strengthen the connectivity between the extended UER 2 and surrounding regions, promoting economic activities and regional integration.
    • Improve accessibility for residents, businesses, and commuters.
  5. Public Satisfaction:
    • Enhance public satisfaction by providing a reliable, time-saving, and convenient travel option.
    • Address specific commuter needs to ensure a positive overall experience.

Surrounding Areas with Potential Traffic Improvements:

  1. Rohini: Reduction in traffic congestion and improved connectivity.
  2. Narela: Enhanced traffic management for smoother commuting experiences.
  3. Alipur: Streamlined traffic flow, especially during peak hours.
  4. Badli: Improved accessibility, benefiting both residents and businesses.

UER 2 Extension

  • 1

    Holambi Mor, Garthi Khurad, Alipur

    (Latitude and longitude: 28.8095, 77.13062): The journey begins in the northern reaches of Delhi, addressing the connectivity needs of Holambi Mor, Garthi Khurad, and Alipur.

  • 2

    Ali Pur - Bankoli Village

    (Latitude and longitude: 28.80287, 77.13835): Passing through the scenic surroundings between Ali Pur and Bankoli Village, the expressway enhances accessibility in this picturesque region.

  • 3


    (Latitude and longitude: 28.8046, 77.16463): Ensuring connectivity to Mukhamelpur, the expressway becomes a vital link for the local community.

  • 4

    Ramzanpur - Fatehpur Jat

     (Latitude and longitude: 28.80845, 77.18658): Navigating between Ramzanpur and Fatehpur Jat, the expressway caters to the diverse needs of these locales.

  • 5

    Yamuna River at Pachayara

     (Latitude and longitude: 28.81109, 77.21191): The expressway crosses the majestic Yamuna River at Pachayara, offering a breathtaking view and ensuring connectivity.

  • 6

    Tehari Dawlatpur - Nauraspur

    (Latitude and longitude: 28.81326, 77.22527): Passing through the vibrant region between Tehari Dawlatpur and Nauraspur, the route contributes to the overall connectivity.

  • 7

    Allipur, Uttar Pradesh

    (Latitude and longitude: 28.81513, 77.2389): Ensuring accessibility to Allipur in Uttar Pradesh, the expressway becomes a crucial transportation link.

  • 8

    Nanu - Mandaula

    (Latitude and longitude: 28.82009, 77.27173): Passing between Nanu and Mandaula, the route caters to the connectivity needs of these adjoining localities.

  • 9

    Ghitora, Uttar Pradesh

    (Latitude and longitude: 28.81303, 77.30641): The expressway ensures seamless connectivity to Ghitora in Uttar Pradesh, contributing to regional development.

  • 10

    Nagla, Uttar Pradesh

    (Latitude and longitude: 28.81153, 77.31921): Passing through Nagla in Uttar Pradesh, the route addresses key points of interest and enhances accessibility.

  • 11

    Tegri, Uttar Pradesh

    (Latitude and longitude: 28.80795, 77.33245): Navigating through Tegri in Uttar Pradesh, the expressway becomes an essential part of the local transportation network

  • 12

    Dagarpur - Kharak, Uttar Pradesh

    (Latitude and longitude: 28.80623, 77.34371): Passing between Dagarpur and Kharak in Uttar Pradesh, the route caters to the connectivity needs of these locales.

  • 13

    Bhagot, Uttar Pradesh

    (Latitude and longitude: 28.79991, 77.35384): Ensuring accessibility to Bhagot in Uttar Pradesh, the expressway contributes to the overall development of the region.

  • 14

    Mewala Bhatti - Dharipur Village, Uttar Pradesh

     (Latitude and longitude: 28.77823, 77.3601): Navigating through the charming locales of Mewala Bhatti and Dharipur Village in Uttar Pradesh, the expressway enhances connectivity.

  • 15

    Sirora Main Road, Ristal, Uttar Pradesh

    (Latitude and longitude: 28.76018, 77.36761): Passing through Sirora Main Road in Ristal, the expressway caters to the connectivity needs of this vibrant region.

  • 16

    Mahmoodpur, Uttar Pradesh

    (Latitude and longitude: 28.75387, 77.37007): Ensuring accessibility to Mahmoodpur in Uttar Pradesh, the expressway becomes a vital link in the local transportation network.

  • 17

    Tilla Mode - Farukh Nagar Road at Bhenara Khurd, Uttar Pradesh

     (Latitude and longitude: 28.73162, 77.3806): Crossing Tilla Mode and Farukh Nagar Road at Bhenara Khurd, the route ensures seamless connectivity.

  • 18

    Hindon River at Rajnagar

    (Latitude and longitude: 28.71691, 77.39686): The expressway crosses the Hindon River at Rajnagar, offering a scenic view and ensuring connectivity.

  • 19

    Northern Peripheral Access Road

    (Latitude and longitude: 28.71045, 77.40516): The journey concludes at the Northern Peripheral Access Road, providing a well-defined endpoint for commuters and ensuring a smooth flow of traffic in the region.

Total Interchange Point : 5

1.Start from  Holambi Mor, Garthi Khurad, Alipur, Latitude and longitude :28.8095, 77.13062

2. Interchange On Narela Road ,Bankoli Village ,Latitude and longitude :28.80297, 77.14338

3. Interchange on Hiranki, Marg ,Latitude and longitude :28.80738, 77.17668

4.Interchange On Saharanpur - Delhi Marg , Latitude and longitude :28.80925, 77.27329

5.Interchange On Northern Peripheral Access Road , Latitude and longitude :28.71045, 77.40516

  • Time Savings: Commuters can anticipate a significant reduction in travel time, contributing to increased productivity and convenience.
  • Economic Impact: Improved connectivity can stimulate economic growth in the extended UER 2 region and neighboring areas.
  • Public Satisfaction: The project aims to improve overall satisfaction by addressing commuting challenges and providing a more efficient travel experience.
  • Traffic Stress Management: Strategic planning of the UER 2 Extension will contribute to reduced stress levels for daily commuters.

In conclusion, the UER 2 Extension aligns with the broader goal of enhancing transportation infrastructure, offering a well-designed route that not only addresses traffic issues but also contributes to the development and satisfaction of the public.

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