Prevention is better than cure. There were several water dumps visible as a result of the recent rainfalls. According to research, these mosquitoes may grow in clean water coated with dust or in muddy water that has been stationary for 6 days or longer. Based on the most recent statistics, the number of dengue cases …

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Transplant Fund for Organs

Having the ability to save a life is the single most rewarding experience we could ever have. For now, we are working on creating a “Transplant funds” to assist in treating people of all ages suffering from kidney disease. We are ready to make contributions and handle any form of emergency medical assistance that may …

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Excess of Alcohol

“Drunkenness is nothing but voluntary madness.” — Seneca Most of the time, when we talk about the benefits of drinking less alcohol, we talk about how it’s good for our physical and mental health. But one benefit people don’t always consider is how much money they save when they say  ”No” to booze. People who …

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