Meerut Expressway Extension

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  1. Purpose and Objectives of Meerut Expressway Extension:

    The Meerut Expressway Extension project is designed to address key transportation challenges, enhance connectivity, and stimulate regional development. The primary objectives include:

    1. Traffic Alleviation:
      • Alleviate traffic congestion in critical areas along the extension route, providing relief to commuters and enhancing overall traffic flow.
    2. Reduction of Red Lights:
      • Identify strategic locations for minimizing traffic signals along the expressway extension, ensuring a smoother and uninterrupted flow of vehicles.
    3. Time Efficiency:
      • Optimize the route to reduce travel time between Meerut and surrounding regions, providing a faster and more efficient transportation corridor.
      • Minimize delays at intersections and bottlenecks to enhance the overall efficiency of the commute.
    4. Connectivity Enhancement:
      • Improve connectivity between Meerut and neighboring areas, fostering economic activities and regional integration.
      • Strengthen transportation links to contribute to the socio-economic development of the region.
    5. Public Satisfaction:
      • Enhance public satisfaction by offering a reliable, time-saving, and convenient travel option.
      • Address the specific needs of commuters and contribute to their overall positive experience.

    Surrounding Areas with Potential Traffic Improvements:

    1. Meerut City Center: Reduction in traffic congestion and enhanced accessibility.
    2. Modipuram: Improved traffic management, especially during peak hours.
    3. Partapur: Streamlined traffic flow for smoother commuting.
    4. Ganganagar: Enhanced connectivity, benefiting residents and businesses.

Meerut Expressway Extension

  • 1

    Peera Garhi

    The journey commences from the vibrant locality of Peera Garhi, ensuring a strategic starting point for the Meerut Expressway Extension. (Latitude and longitude: 28.67639, 77.09648)

  • 2

    Paschim Vihar

    Passing through the bustling Paschim Vihar, the expressway caters to the residential and commercial needs of this dynamic neighborhood.(Latitude and longitude: 28.669, 77.09764)

  • 3

    Baba Ramder Marg, Paschim Vihar

     A crucial point of intersection, the expressway navigates through Baba Ramder Marg, enhancing connectivity in Paschim Vihar.(Latitude and longitude: 28.66756, 77.11241)

  • 4

    Madipur Village

     Ensuring accessibility to Madipur Village, the route addresses key locales, meeting the diverse needs of the local community.(Latitude and longitude: 28.66699, 77.11991)

  • 5

    Punjabi Bagh

     Passing through Punjabi Bagh, the expressway becomes an integral part of the thriving commercial and residential landscape(Latitude and longitude: 28.66604, 77.12787)

  • 6

    Sahibi River, Punjabi Bagh

     The expressway crosses Sahibi River in Punjabi Bagh, adding an aesthetic touch to the journey while ensuring connectivity.(Latitude and longitude: 28.66199, 77.13147)

  • 7

    Ramesh Nagar - Moti Nagar

    Navigating the bustling area between Ramesh Nagar and Moti Nagar, the expressway addresses key points of interest in this locality.(Latitude and longitude: 28.65359, 77.13464)

  • 8

    Kirti Nagar

     Passing through Kirti Nagar, the expressway ensures seamless connectivity to this industrial and residential hub.(Latitude and longitude: 28.64577, 77.14363)

  • 9


     The route ensures accessibility to Inderpuri, contributing to the well-rounded connectivity of this locality(Latitude and longitude: 28.63468, 77.15328)

  • 10

    Dev Prakash Shastri Marg, Todapur

    Crossing Dev Prakash Shastri Marg at Todapur, the expressway establishes a crucial link to this part of the city.(Latitude and longitude: 28.62285, 77.15958)

  • 11

    Dhaula Kuan Extension, Naraina

    Navigating Dhaula Kuan Extension at Naraina, the expressway provides strategic connectivity to this significant area.(Latitude and longitude: 28.60938, 77.17296)

  • 12

    Chandragupta Marg, Chanakyapuri

    Passing through the diplomatic enclave of Chanakyapuri, the expressway adds a touch of elegance to the journey.(Latitude and longitude: 28.59693, 77.19074)

  • 13


    Ensuring connectivity to Safdarjang, the expressway becomes a vital link in the city's transportation network.(Latitude and longitude: 28.59615, 77.20042)

  • 14

    Jor Bagh

     Passing through the affluent area of Jor Bagh, the expressway caters to the upscale neighborhood with enhanced connectivity.(Latitude and longitude: 28.58947, 77.21349)

  • 15

    Khan Market - Pragati Vihar

    Navigating between Khan Market and Pragati Vihar, the route addresses key areas of interest, ensuring a well-connected cityscape. (Latitude and longitude: 28.59187, 77.23105)

  • 16

    Railway Line at Nizamuddin

    Crossing the railway line at Nizamuddin, the expressway seamlessly integrates with the city's existing transportation infrastructure. (Latitude and longitude: 28.59584, 77.25439)

  • 17

    T Point, Bharat Scouts and Guides Marg, Nizamuddin

    The journey concludes at this strategic T point, providing a well-defined endpoint for commuters and ensuring a smooth flow of traffic in the region (Latitude and longitude: 28.59421, 77.24707)

Total Interchange Point : 20

1.Start from Delhi Meerut Expressway , Latitude and longitude :28.68292, 77.09763

2.Interchange On Nangloi Saiyad Road ,Latitude and longitude :28.66868, 77.10205

3.Interchange On T point Baba Randev Marg Paschim Vihar, Latitude and longitude :28.66757, 77.11225

4.Interchange On Ch Balvir Singh Marg Punjabi Bagh , Latitude and longitude :28.664, 77.13104

5. Interchange On Ramesh Nagar , Latitude and longitude :28.65351, 77.13452

6. Interchange On  Kirti Nagar Main Road  , Latitude and longitude : 28.64714, 77.14184

7. Interchange On Goswami Girdhari  Lal Marg Naraina, Latitude and longitude :28.64326, 77.14672

8.Interchange On Dev Prakash Shastri Marg Todapur ,Latitude and longitude :28.62301, 77.15954

9. Interchange On T point Simon Bolivar Marg & Vande Mataram Marg , Latitude and longitude :28.60934, 77.17279

10.Interchange On T point Sardar Patel Marg  & Panchsheel MargLatitude and longitude :28.60194, 77.18064

11. Interchange On Nyaya Marg , Latitude and longitude :28.59865, 77.18702

12.Interchange On Niti Marg, Chanakyapuri ,Latitude and longitude :28.596, 77.19378

13. Interchange On Nehru Park , Vinay Marg , Latitude and longitude :28.59552, 77.19623

14. Interchange On Mustafa Kemal Attaturk Rd, Safdarjang Lane , Latitude and longitude :28.59629, 77.20729

15. Interchange On Lok Kalyan Marg, Tuglak Crescent,Latitude and longitude :28.59158, 77.21274

16. Interchange On T Point Arvind Marg & Lodhi Marg ,Latitude and longitude :28.58954, 77.21304

17. Interchange On Maharshi Raman Marg  & Bhishma Pitamah Marg ,Latitude and longitude :28.59129, 77.22894

18.Interchange On Lodhi Road,  Pragati Vihar ,Latitude and longitude : 28.5929, 77.24008

19. Interchange On Dr Zakir Hussain Marg Sabz Burj , Latitude and longitude :28.59341, 77.2436320

20.Interchange On T Point  Bharat Scouts and Guides Marg, Nizamuddin,Latitude and longitude :28.59421, 77.24707

  • Time Savings: Commuters can expect a substantial reduction in travel time, contributing to increased productivity and convenience.
  • Economic Impact: Improved connectivity can stimulate economic growth in Meerut and neighboring regions.
  • Public Satisfaction: The project aims to improve overall satisfaction by addressing commuting challenges and providing a more efficient travel experience.
  • Traffic Stress Management: Strategic planning of the expressway extension will contribute to reduced stress levels for daily commuters.

In conclusion, the Meerut Expressway Extension aligns with the broader goal of enhancing transportation infrastructure, offering a well-designed route that not only addresses traffic issues but also contributes to the development and satisfaction of the public.

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