Greater Noida to Mahrauli

South Delhi, Central Delhi, Faridabad, Gautam Buddh Nagar

Greater Noida to Mehrauli Connectivity Project

Introduction: The Greater Noida to Mehrauli Connectivity Project aims to establish a robust and efficient link between these two vital regions, focusing on enhancing connectivity, reducing travel time, and addressing traffic-related challenges. In this article, we delve into the purpose and objectives of this project, emphasizing its potential benefits and impact on surrounding areas.

Purpose: The primary purpose of the Greater Noida to Mehrauli Connectivity Project is to:

  1. Establish Seamless Connectivity:
    • Create an efficient and well-connected route between Greater Noida and Mehrauli.
    • Foster improved accessibility for both daily commuters and businesses.
  2. Mitigate Traffic Congestion:
    • Alleviate existing traffic congestion on key roadways connecting Greater Noida and Mehrauli.
    • Introduce solutions to streamline traffic flow and reduce delays.
  3. Enhance Commuter Experience:
    • Provide a smoother and time-efficient commuting experience for residents and businesses.
    • Minimize travel inconveniences and enhance overall road safety.

Objectives: The specific objectives of the Greater Noida to Mehrauli Connectivity Project include:

  1. Traffic Management Strategies:
    • Implement advanced traffic management systems to reduce waiting times at intersections.
    • Introduce intelligent signaling to optimize traffic flow on crucial routes.
  2. Public Satisfaction Enhancement:
    • Improve public satisfaction by offering a more convenient and reliable commuting option.
    • Enhance the overall quality of life for residents by providing a stress-free transportation experience.
  3. Reduction of Travel Time:
    • Significantly reduce travel time between Greater Noida and Mehrauli.
    • Facilitate quicker movement of vehicles, contributing to time-efficient transportation.

Points of Interest:

  1. Surrounding Areas with Traffic Improvements:
    • Identify specific areas where the implementation of smart traffic management can replace traditional red lights.
    • Introduce alternative routes to divert traffic from congested zones.
  2. Roads with Reduced Traffic:
    • Highlight roads and intersections where the new connectivity project can alleviate traffic, reducing congestion.
    • Assess the impact on local roads and potential decongestion benefits.
  3. Time Savings:
    • Estimate the expected time savings for commuters using the Greater Noida to Mehrauli Connectivity Project.
    • Compare new travel times with existing routes to showcase the efficiency of the project.
  4. Benefits of the Route:
    • Showcase how the enhanced connectivity benefits businesses, residents, and daily commuters.
    • Emphasize the positive economic impact and increased accessibility between the two regions.
  5. Public Satisfaction and Stress Reduction:
    • Evaluate the anticipated increase in public satisfaction due to reduced travel times and improved road conditions.
    • Assess the impact on reducing stress associated with traffic congestion.

Conclusion: The Greater Noida to Mehrauli Connectivity Project emerges as a pivotal initiative in reshaping urban mobility. By focusing on effective traffic management, time savings, and overall public satisfaction, this project is poised to bring positive changes to the lives of commuters while contributing to the holistic development of the region.

Greater Noida to Mahrauli

  • 1

    Starting from Ladha Sarai Village, Chhatarpur

    (Latitude and longitude: 28.5113, 77.18357): The journey kicks off at Ladha Sarai Village in Chhatarpur, providing a strategic starting point.

  • 2

    Crossing South Delhi to Greater Noida

     (Latitude and longitude: 28.5078, 77.18743): Ensuring connectivity between South Delhi and Greater Noida, the route crosses key regions, catering to diverse commuting needs.

  • 3

    Passing from Maidan Garhi

     (Latitude and longitude: 28.50195, 77.1983): Navigating through Maidan Garhi, the expressway contributes to seamless connectivity in this locality.

  • 4

    Crossing North South Extension

    (Latitude and longitude: 28.45721, 77.25049): The route strategically intersects with North South Extension, ensuring comprehensive connectivity and efficient traffic flow.

  • 5

    Passing from Ekta Nagar, Faridabad

    (Latitude and longitude: 28.46042, 77.30475): Catering to Ekta Nagar in Faridabad, the expressway enhances accessibility to this area, fostering regional development.

  • 6

    Crossing Chennai - Delhi Highway

    (Latitude and longitude: 28.46152, 77.30692): The expressway intersects with the bustling Chennai - Delhi Highway, offering a crucial link in the transportation network.

  • 7

    Passing From Dheeraj Nagar

    (Latitude and longitude: 28.45513, 77.32959): Navigating through Dheeraj Nagar, the route ensures connectivity to this locality, addressing the transportation needs of the residents.

  • 8

    Passing Between Sherpur Khadar - Dhadar

     (Latitude and longitude: 28.44271, 77.39215): Serving the region between Sherpur Khadar and Dhadar, the expressway caters to diverse areas, fostering regional connectivity.

  • 9

    Crossing Yamuna River at Maozmabad

    (Latitude and longitude: 28.44269, 77.42023): A strategic river crossing at Maozmabad ensures the continuous flow of traffic and seamless transitions.

  • 10

    Passing From Kambakshpur, Noida

    (Latitude and longitude: 28.45017, 77.43744): The route ensures connectivity through Kambakshpur in Noida, addressing the transportation needs of this region.

  • 11

    Passing From Jhatta, Noida

    (Latitude and longitude: 28.46313, 77.45334): Catering to Jhatta in Noida, the expressway contributes to the overall connectivity and development of this area.

  • 12

    Ending From Knowledge Park III, Ruhallapur, Uttar Pradesh

    (Latitude and longitude: 28.47399, 77.47395): The journey concludes at Knowledge Park III in Ruhallapur, Uttar Pradesh, providing a well-defined endpoint and ensuring a smooth transition to the local road network.

Total Interchange Point : 7

1.Start from Interchange On  Ladha Sarai Village, Chhatarpur, Latitude and longitude : 28.5113, 77.18357

2.Interchange On IGNOU Main Rd, Maidan Garhi , Latitude and longitude :28.49787, 77.20306

3.Interchange On Crossing North South Extension  , Latitude and longitude :28.4572, 77.25048

4.Interchange On Manav Rachna Campus Road,  Gadakhor Basti , Latitude and longitude :28.45181, 77.2831

5.Interchange On Crossing Chennai - Delhi  Highway  , Latitude and longitude :28.46152, 77.30692

6.Interchange On Rajeev Nagar, Sector 32, Faridabad, Latitude and longitude :28.45704, 77.31893

7.Interchange On Knowledge Park III, Ruhallapur, Uttar Pradesh , Latitude and longitude :28.47399, 77.47395

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