Proposed Roads Haryana

Main Points in Haryana

S.No Road Name Road Types Distance (Km) Points
1 Surajgarh to Bareilly Parallel Lines 150 Surajgarh, Bareilly, Faridabad
2 Nohar to Bijnor Parallel Lines 2 171 Nohar, Gohana, Bijnor
3 Sahranpur to Dholpur Meridian Lines 69.2 Sahranpur, Faridabad, Dholpur
4 Sahranpur to Surajgarh Cardinal Lines (South West to North East) 185 Sahranpur, Gohana, Surajgarh
5 Bijnor to Alwar Cardinal Lines (South West to North East) 74.3 Bijnor, Faridabad, Alwar
6 Sansarpura to Jalesar Cardinal Lines (North West to South East) 231 Sansarpura, Gohana, Faridabad, Jalesar
Total 880.5

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