Relocate Railway Stations & Preserving Heritage Markets in Central Delhi

Relocate Railway Stations

Central Delhi, a bustling hub of commerce and culture, houses numerous iconic markets that have stood the test of time. From the vibrant Chandni Chowk to the eclectic Connaught Place, these markets are not just commercial spaces but integral parts of Delhi’s historical fabric. The likes of Sadar Bazaar, Chawari Bazar, Daryaganj, Paharganj, and others collectively draw approximately 40 lakh people daily, contributing to the city’s vibrant business landscape.

However, in our pursuit of progress and improved urban infrastructure, the Indian Volunteer Trust suggests a strategic relocation approach. While we advocate for the preservation and enhancement of the existing markets, we propose the relocation of two major railway stations:

  • “New Delhi Railway Station” 
  • “Purani Delhi Railway Station.”

Relocating these railway stations to the outer parts of Delhi or areas conducive to efficient traffic management can yield several benefits. The two identified railway stations, being major transportation hubs, contribute significantly to the daily influx of commuters in Central Delhi. By moving these stations to strategically chosen locations, we can alleviate traffic congestion, creating a more organized and efficient transport system.

As the Indian Volunteer Trust puts forth this proposal, we recognize the delicate balance between progress and heritage preservation. By relocating major transportation hubs strategically, we aim to enhance the quality of life for Delhiites, boost economic activities, and ensure a sustainable and well-connected future for the capital city. We invite collaboration and discussion from various stakeholders to refine and implement this vision for the benefit of all.

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