Rohini Sector 23 to Sultan Puri

North West Delhi

Purpose and Objectives of Rohini Sector 23 to Sultan Puri Road

The proposed Rohini Sector 23 to Sultan Puri road is a transformative infrastructure project designed to address critical transportation challenges in the region. This road aims to serve multiple purposes, focusing on enhancing connectivity, reducing travel time, and mitigating traffic congestion. The objectives are outlined below, highlighting the anticipated benefits and solutions it offers to the community.

Key Points:

  1. Connectivity Enhancement: The primary goal of the Rohini Sector 23 to Sultan Puri road is to enhance connectivity between these two crucial locations. By establishing a direct and well-planned route, the project aims to improve accessibility within the region.
  2. Reduction in Travel Time: A central objective is to significantly reduce travel time for commuters using this route. The road is strategically designed to provide a faster and more efficient connection, contributing to a notable reduction in overall travel time.
  3. Minimization of Red Lights: The road project includes optimizations to minimize delays caused by red lights. Through thoughtful road layout planning and traffic signal management, the aim is to reduce waiting times at intersections, resulting in a smoother traffic flow.
  4. Traffic Congestion Alleviation: Addressing traffic congestion is a key focus of this road initiative. By offering an alternative and well-designed route, the project aims to distribute traffic more evenly, preventing bottlenecks and improving overall traffic management.
  5. Improved Public Satisfaction: The Rohini Sector 23 to Sultan Puri road contributes to greater public satisfaction by meeting the transportation needs of the local population. Upgraded road infrastructure positively impacts the quality of life for residents, offering a more convenient and efficient commuting experience.
  6. Traffic Stress Management: Given the increasing urbanization and traffic density in the region, managing traffic stress is a crucial consideration. The road project aims to provide relief by offering a well-designed and efficient route, helping to manage traffic stress for both commuters and residents.

Anticipated Benefits:

  • Time Savings: Commuters using the Rohini Sector 23 to Sultan Puri road can expect substantial time savings in their daily travels. The road provides a more direct and streamlined route, reducing overall travel time.
  • Reduction in Red Light Delays: The project's optimizations are expected to lead to a reduction in the number of red lights encountered during the journey, enhancing the overall efficiency of traffic movement.
  • Enhanced Connectivity: Improved connectivity between Rohini Sector 23 and Sultan Puri facilitates easier access to key areas, including residential zones, commercial hubs, and educational institutions.
  • Traffic Congestion Relief: By providing an additional route, the road helps distribute traffic more evenly, reducing congestion on existing roads and improving overall traffic management in the region.
  • Increased Public Satisfaction: The upgraded road infrastructure positively impacts public satisfaction by addressing the transportation needs of the growing population and enhancing the overall quality of life for residents.

In conclusion, the Rohini Sector 23 to Sultan Puri road project is envisioned as a comprehensive solution to transportation challenges, offering tangible benefits such as reduced travel time, improved connectivity, and enhanced traffic management.

Rohini Sector 23 to Sultan Puri

  • 1

    Start from Rohini Sector 23

     (Latitude and longitude: 28.71847, 77.08375): Commence your journey from Rohini Sector 23.

  • 2

    Passing From Pooth Kalan

    (Latitude and longitude: 28.70993, 77.07776): Travel through Pooth Kalan during your route.

  • 3

    Ending From Sultan Puri Road

    (Latitude and longitude: 28.70577, 77.07489): Conclude your route at Sultan Puri Road.

Total Interchange Point : 3

1.Start from Interchange On Rohini Sector 23 , Latitude and longitude : 28.71847, 77.08375
2.Interchange On Kanjhawala Road, Latitude and longitude : 28.71307, 77.07998
3.Interchange On Sultan Puri Road, Latitude and longitude : 28.70577, 77.07489

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