UER Service Len Extensions

North West Delhi

Purpose and Objectives of UER Service Lane Extensions:

The UER (Urban Extension Road) Service Lane Extensions project is driven by a comprehensive set of purposes and objectives aimed at addressing traffic challenges, improving connectivity, and enhancing the overall transportation experience.

Key Points:

  1. Reduction of Traffic Congestion: One of the primary objectives of the UER Service Lane Extensions is to alleviate traffic congestion along critical stretches of the UER. By expanding service lanes, the project aims to create additional lanes to accommodate the growing volume of vehicles, reducing congestion on the main roads.
  2. Optimization of Traffic Signals: The project strategically addresses the optimization of traffic signals, particularly at key intersections along the service lanes. This approach is intended to minimize the occurrence of red lights, leading to smoother traffic flow and reduced delays for commuters.
  3. Surrounding Areas: The UER Service Lane Extensions project is expected to benefit several surrounding areas, including:
    • Rohini
    • Narela
    • Bawana
    • Kanjhawala

Quantifiable Impact:

  • Time Savings: Commuters utilizing the extended service lanes can anticipate significant time savings compared to traditional routes. The additional lanes are designed to enhance traffic efficiency, contributing to reduced travel times.

Benefits for Surrounding Areas:

  • Improved Connectivity: Residents and businesses in Rohini, Narela, Bawana, Kanjhawala, and neighboring localities will experience improved connectivity due to the extended service lanes, facilitating smoother and faster transportation.

Public Satisfaction and Traffic Stress Management:

  • Enhanced Public Satisfaction: The completion of the UER Service Lane Extensions project is expected to enhance public satisfaction by providing a more efficient and convenient transportation option.
  • Effective Traffic Stress Management: Through the expansion of service lanes, the project aims to manage traffic stress effectively. This includes reducing bottlenecks, providing additional lanes for smoother flow, and minimizing delays, contributing to an overall improved commuting experience.

In summary, the UER Service Lane Extensions project is a strategic initiative aimed at optimizing traffic flow, reducing congestion, and enhancing connectivity in the areas surrounding Rohini, Narela, Bawana, and Kanjhawala. The anticipated benefits include significant time savings for commuters, improved connectivity for surrounding areas, and heightened public satisfaction with the overall traffic management in the region.

UER Service Len Extensions

  • 1

    Starting From UER II Service Line

     (Near Latitude and longitude: 28.75201, 77.05403): Commence your journey from the starting point near UER II Service Line.

  • 2

    Passing From Sultan Pur Dabas

    (Near Latitude and longitude: 28.76172, 77.04054): Drive through the vicinity of Sultan Pur Dabas, contributing to the overall connectivity.

  • 3

    Passing From Budhanpur Majra

     (Near Latitude and longitude: 28.78609, 77.00675): Proceed through Budhanpur Majra, enhancing accessibility along the route.

  • 4

    Crossing Tikri to Harewali

    (Near Latitude and longitude: 28.79142, 77.00055): Cross Tikri to Harewali, a key point in your journey that facilitates connectivity.

  • 5

    Passing From Katevda, Katewara

     (Near Latitude and longitude: 28.80615, 76.97878): Drive through Katevda and Katewara, further contributing to the connectivity of the route.

  • 6

    Crossing North West Delhi Border Road

    (Near Latitude and longitude: 28.81244, 76.9702): Traverse North West Delhi Border Road, a significant junction in your route.

  • 7

    Ending from Nahara - Nahari Road, Kundal, Kharkhoda, Haryana

    (Near Latitude and longitude: 28.82514, 76.95221): Conclude your journey at the endpoint near Nahara - Nahari Road in Kundal, Kharkhoda, Haryana. This marks the final destination of the UER Service Len Extensions route.

Total Interchange Point : 2

1.Start from Interchange On UER II Service line  , Latitude and longitude : 28.75201, 77.05403

2. Interchange On Nahara - Nahari Road , Latitude and longitude : 28.82514, 76.95221

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