Pankha Road Extension

Central Delhi

Purpose and Objectives of Pankha Road Extension:

The Pankha Road Extension project is designed with a set of clear purposes and objectives focused on enhancing traffic management, reducing congestion, and improving overall transportation efficiency in the targeted areas.

Key Points:

  1. Reduction of Traffic Congestion: A primary goal of the Pankha Road Extension is to alleviate traffic congestion along critical sections of Pankha Road and its adjoining areas. The extension aims to create additional lanes, providing an effective solution to accommodate the growing volume of vehicles and reduce congestion.
  2. Optimization of Traffic Signals: The project places significant emphasis on optimizing traffic signals along Pankha Road Extension and surrounding intersections. By minimizing the occurrence of red lights, the extension aims to streamline traffic flow, ensuring smoother and more efficient movement for commuters.
  3. Surrounding Areas: The Pankha Road Extension is expected to benefit several surrounding areas, including:
    • Janakpuri
    • Uttam Nagar
    • Dabri
    • Dwarka
    • Hari Nagar

Quantifiable Impact:

  • Time Savings: Commuters using Pankha Road Extension can anticipate substantial time savings compared to traditional routes. The additional lanes and optimized traffic signals are intended to enhance overall traffic efficiency, leading to reduced travel times.

Benefits for Surrounding Areas:

  • Improved Connectivity: Residents and businesses in Janakpuri, Uttam Nagar, Dabri, Dwarka, and Hari Nagar will experience improved connectivity due to the extension. This is expected to result in more convenient and faster transportation.

Public Satisfaction and Traffic Stress Management:

  • Enhanced Public Satisfaction: The completion of the Pankha Road Extension project is anticipated to enhance public satisfaction by providing a more seamless and efficient transportation experience.
  • Effective Traffic Stress Management: With the expansion of lanes and optimized traffic flow, the project aims to manage traffic stress effectively. Reduced congestion, improved signal coordination, and minimized delays contribute to an overall improved commuting experience for the public.

In summary, the Pankha Road Extension project is a strategic initiative aimed at optimizing traffic flow, reducing congestion, and enhancing connectivity in Janakpuri, Uttam Nagar, Dabri, Dwarka, and Hari Nagar. The expected benefits include significant time savings for commuters, improved connectivity for surrounding areas, and heightened public satisfaction with the overall traffic management in the region.

Pankha Road Extension

  • 1

    Start from Shankar Road, Talkatora Garden

    (Latitude and longitude: 28.62682, 77.19485): Your journey commences from Shankar Road, in the vicinity of Talkatora Garden.

  • 2

    Crossing On Vande Mataram Marg

    (Latitude and longitude: 28.62383, 77.18075): Navigate through the intersection on Vande Mataram Marg, ensuring a smooth transition.

  • 3

    Passing from Cariappa Vihar

    (Latitude and longitude: 28.60637, 77.13614): Drive through Cariappa Vihar, incorporating this locality into your route.

  • 4

    Ending From Pankha Marg

    (Latitude and longitude: 28.60456, 77.11138): Conclude your journey at Pankha Marg, marking the endpoint of this route

Total Interchange Point : 6

1.Start from Interchange On Shankar Road, Talkatora Garden, Latitude and longitude : 28.62682, 77.19485

2. Interchange On Vande Mataram Marg  ,Latitude and longitude : 28.62383, 77.18075

3, Interchange On Mahatma Gandhi Road , Latitude and longitude :  28.6064, 77.14289

4.Interchange On Maude Road , Latitude and longitude : 28.60635, 77.13693

5.Interchange On Cariappa Marg , Latitude and longitude : 28.60584, 77.12582

6. Interchange On Pankha Marg  , Latitude and longitude : 28.60456, 77.11138

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