Singhola To Madanpur Dabas

North West Delhi, North Delhi

Purpose and Objectives of Singhola to Madanpur Dabas Road:

The Singhola to Madanpur Dabas road project is designed with several key purposes and objectives aimed at enhancing transportation infrastructure, improving connectivity, and alleviating traffic congestion. Here are the highlights:

1. Enhanced Connectivity:

  • Objective: To establish a well-connected road link between Singhola and Madanpur Dabas, facilitating smoother movement of vehicles and commuters.
  • Benefits: Improve accessibility for residents, businesses, and commuters in both areas, fostering economic growth and development.

2. Traffic Congestion Reduction:

  • Objective: Alleviate traffic congestion along the route and in surrounding areas.
  • Benefits: Enhance traffic flow, minimize delays, and reduce travel times for commuters, thereby improving overall efficiency and productivity.

3. Saving Time and Fuel:

  • Objective: Save time and fuel consumption for commuters traveling between Singhola and Madanpur Dabas.
  • Benefits: Reduce travel time, increase fuel efficiency, and contribute to cost savings for individuals and businesses using the route.

4. Reducing Dependence on Alternative Routes:

  • Objective: Provide a direct and efficient road link between Singhola and Madanpur Dabas, reducing reliance on longer alternative routes.
  • Benefits: Streamline transportation, decrease vehicle wear and tear, and minimize environmental impact associated with longer travel distances.

5. Reducing Traffic Stress:

  • Objective: Mitigate stress associated with congested roads and long commutes.
  • Benefits: Improve the overall quality of life for commuters by reducing travel stress, enhancing safety, and promoting a more pleasant commuting experience.

6. Public Satisfaction:

  • Objective: Enhance public satisfaction by providing a reliable and efficient transportation route.
  • Benefits: Increase public confidence in the transportation infrastructure, improve accessibility to essential services, and foster a sense of connectivity and community.

7. Traffic Signal Optimization:

  • Objective: Identify areas along the route where traffic signals can be optimized or eliminated to improve traffic flow.
  • Benefits: Reduce wait times at intersections, minimize stop-and-go traffic patterns, and enhance the overall efficiency of the road network.

8. Traffic Stress Management:

  • Objective: Manage traffic stress by providing a well-planned and organized road network.
  • Benefits: Enhance safety, reduce accidents, and create a more predictable commuting environment for residents and commuters.

In summary, the Singhola to Madanpur Dabas road project aims to address traffic congestion, improve connectivity, and enhance the overall commuting experience for residents and commuters. Through efficient traffic management and improved infrastructure, the road will contribute to the economic development and well-being of the surrounding communities.

Singhola To Madanpur Dabas

  • 1

    Starting From Srinagar - Kanyakumari Highway, Khampur Village

     (Latitude and longitude: 28.8329, 77.12978): Commence your journey from the Srinagar - Kanyakumari Highway in Khampur Village.

  • 2

    Passing From Tikri Khurd

     (Latitude and longitude: 28.82983, 77.12281): Pass through Tikri Khurd along the route

  • 3

    Passing From Shahpur Garhi

     (Latitude and longitude: 28.81735, 77.1088): Continue your route, passing through Shahpur Garhi.

  • 4

    Crossing On Alipur Road

     (Latitude and longitude: 28.8162, 77.10335): Cross Alipur Road on your way to the destination.

  • 5

    Passing Between Metro Vihar - Bhorgarh

    (Latitude and longitude: 28.81651, 77.09226): Navigate through the area between Metro Vihar and Bhorgarh.

  • 6

    Passing Between Sanoth Village - Holambi Khurd

    (Latitude and longitude: 28.81111, 77.07634): Pass through the region between Sanoth Village and Holambi Khurd.

  • 7

    Passing From Bawana

    (Latitude and longitude: 28.79009, 77.05248): Continue your journey, passing through Bawana.

  • 8

    Passing From Sultan Pur Dabas

    (Latitude and longitude: 28.77037, 77.03411): Pass through Sultan Pur Dabas along the way.

  • 9

    Crossing On UER Service Len Extensions

     (Latitude and longitude: 28.76827, 77.03197): Cross UER Service Len Extensions on your route.

  • 10

    Crossing On Kanjhawala Rohini Road

     (Latitude and longitude: 28.75648, 77.02678): Navigate through the crossing on Kanjhawala Rohini Road.

  • 11

    Ending at Madanpur Dabas

    (Latitude and longitude: 28.72041, 77.02031): Conclude your route upon reaching Madanpur Dabas.

Total Interchange Point  : -4

  1. Starting From  Interchange On Srinagar - Kanyakumari Highway, Khampur Village ,Latitude and longitude : 28.8329, 77.12978
  2.   Interchange On Shahpur Garhi, Narela ,Latitude and longitude : 28.8162, 77.10335
  3. Interchange On Kanjhawala Road, Rajiv Nagar ,Latitude and longitude : 28.73455, 77.01697
  4. Ending at Interchange On Madanpur Dabas ,Latitude and longitude :28.72041, 77.02031

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