Siraspur to Rohini Sector 27

Purpose and Objectives of Siraspur to Rohini Sector 27 Road

Article Introduction:

The proposed Siraspur to Rohini Sector 27 road project emerges as a strategic initiative with well-defined purposes and objectives, aimed at transforming the transportation landscape in North West Delhi. With a keen focus on enhancing connectivity and optimizing traffic flow, the project seeks to address key challenges faced by commuters and residents in the region.


  1. Connectivity Enhancement: The primary objective of the Siraspur to Rohini Sector 27 road project is to enhance connectivity between these two significant locations. By creating a direct and efficient route, the project aims to improve accessibility for residents, businesses, and commuters.
  2. Reduction of Red Lights: A crucial goal is the reduction of red lights along the route. This targeted effort aims to streamline traffic flow, minimize delays, and contribute to a more seamless commuting experience for those traveling between Siraspur and Rohini Sector 27.
  3. Traffic Flow Optimization: The project sets out to optimize traffic flow, particularly in areas where congestion is a persistent challenge. By implementing modern traffic management solutions and strategic planning, the objective is to create a more efficient road network.
  4. Minimization of Travel Time: An essential goal is to minimize travel time for commuters using the Siraspur to Rohini Sector 27 road. The project envisions creating a direct and time-efficient route, contributing to significant time savings for daily travelers.

List of Surrounding Areas Benefited:

  1. Siraspur: Enhanced connectivity and reduced travel time for residents and businesses in Siraspur.
  2. Khera Kalan: Improved traffic flow and accessibility for the community in Khera Kalan.
  3. Gurudwara Road: Streamlined traffic and reduced congestion on Gurudwara Road.
  4. Rohini Sector 27: Direct and efficient connectivity for residents and businesses in Rohini Sector 27.

Time Savings and Traffic Stress Management:

  1. Time Savings: Commuters using the Siraspur to Rohini Sector 27 road are expected to experience substantial time savings, contributing to a more efficient daily routine and increased productivity.
  2. Traffic Stress Management: The project's focus on reducing congestion and optimizing traffic flow aims to effectively manage traffic stress. A smoother and more predictable commuting experience is anticipated to contribute to reduced stress levels for daily travelers.

Public Satisfaction and Economic Impact:

  1. Public Satisfaction: Enhanced connectivity, reduced travel time, and improved traffic flow are expected to contribute to higher public satisfaction levels. Residents and commuters are likely to appreciate the positive changes brought about by the road project.
  2. Economic Impact: The efficient road network is anticipated to have a positive economic impact by facilitating smoother transportation of goods and services, fostering economic activities in the surrounding areas.

In conclusion, the Siraspur to Rohini Sector 27 road project aligns with the broader goals of urban development, aiming to enhance connectivity, reduce congestion, and create a more efficient transportation network in North West Delhi. The project's objectives are geared towards improving the overall quality of life for the local community and fostering sustainable urban growth.

Siraspur to Rohini Sector 27

  • 1

    Starting From Siras Pur Crossing

    (Latitude and longitude: 28.76362, 77.14585): Begin your journey from Siras Pur Crossing.

  • 2

    Crossing On Gurudwara Road

    (Latitude and longitude: 28.76489, 77.14029): Cross Gurudwara Road along the route.

  • 3

    Passing On Siraspur

     (Latitude and longitude: 28.75949, 77.13106): Pass through the area of Siraspur.

  • 4

    Crossing On Khera Kalan Rd, Siraspur

    (Latitude and longitude: 28.7597, 77.12895): Navigate through Khera Kalan Road in Siraspur.

  • 5

    Ending at Rohini, Sector 27

     (Latitude and longitude: 28.75532, 77.11556): Conclude your route upon reaching Rohini, Sector 27.

Total Interchange Point  : -3

1.Starting From  Interchange On Siras Pur Crossing ,Latitude and longitude :28.76362, 77.14585

2.Interchange On Khera Kalan Rd, Siraspur, Latitude and longitude :28.7597, 77.12895

3.Ending at Interchange On Rohini, Sector 27 ,Latitude and longitude :28.75532, 77.11556

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